Friday, 16 March 2012

Time to kick Winter out the door...

Spring is here! I think. She's been a bit of a tease this year, what with the hail, snow and general cold nastiness that has crept in. Granted, it's only March. But be that as it may, we still have a certain expectation, like more sunlight, an increase in our vitamin D intake and thoughts of gardening.

With every fresh snowfall, every hail and wind storm and every downpour, we seem to feel another layer of depression and bleakness take hold. So, in order to remove that energy that we really don't want to carry with us into the fresh, new Spring of 2012, we are going to cleanse our home.

In the spirit of Feng Shui, which I dabble in, we cleanse with a white sage smudge stick. After opening a couple of windows (to allow the negative energy out), I light the stick, and with a large feather, fan the smoke around each room, paying special attention to corners. This moves the chi, which is energy life force. Energy gets stagnant and stops moving. Smudging, chanting, ringing bells and clapping are all ways to move the chi to create fresh opportunity for you and your family.

Anyway, while I smudge, I say a positive chant as I go, "I attract love, peace and prosperity", is my standby. When I have my kids join me, I have one clap and one ring our Tibetan bell as we go as well. No chance of any chi escaping that racket!

We go around the house clockwise and then 'herd' all the negative energy we've collected out the living room window. Done! With much of Feng Shui, it's about your intent. If it's honest and pure, it will work. So fill yourself with some positive light and go cleanse that energy!

Spring will officially be here before you know it!

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